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    Akeso, Inc. (09926.HK)

    Akeso,Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to in-house discovery, development and commercialization of first-in-class and best-in-class therapies. Akesobio dedicated to development of innovative antibody drugs with domestic and global intelletucal property rights.


    Triwise has participated in series B, C and D of the financing process of Akesobio since August 2017, with amount of 100 million RMB in total. Triwise will continue to promote the capital operation of Akesobio and provide capital services.


    Akesobio is listed on the HK stock exchange on April. 24th, 2020.


    Immvira was founded in Shenzhen China in May of 2015 by Prof. Bernard Roizman of University of Chicago and Prof. Grace Zhou formerly a Research Associate Professor at University of Chicago, Prof. Thomas Shenk of Princeton University, Prof. Richard Whitley of University of Alabama, Prof. Ralph Weichselbaum of University of Chicago.


    Immvira is developing a broad range of anti-cancer therapeutic pipelines including tumor-specific target oncologic viruses by creating products of engineered oncolytic HSV (oHSV) carry single or combination of immunostimulatory or/and checkpoint blockage, which target solid tumors through local or systemic delivery in mechanism of tumor-target lysis and tumor-killing immune responses, also developing a potent oncolytic platform suitable in combination with adjunct therapies.


    Triwise has participated in series A and A+ of the financing process of Immvira since August 2016, with 35 million of RMB in total. With the philosophy of "investment + sevice",Triwise also provides service of ODI for Immvira.

    Fapon Biopharma

    Fapon Biopharma is an innovation-driven biotechnology organization specializes in providing IVD reagent raw material manufacturing and one-stop solution for IVD manufacturers since 2001.


    Fapon Processes a series of cutting-edge platforms, including CLIA, ELISA, POCT, Real-time PCR, Gene Sequencing, Immunoturbidimetry, etc.


    Fapon is also the market leader of IVD reagent raw material in China.


    Triwise has participated in Pre-IPO financing of Fapon since September 2018 and will continue to promote the capital operation of Fapon and provide capital services.

    Qyuns Therapeutics

    Qyuns Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focus on the development of high-quality antibody drugs for the treatment of autoimmune disease.


    Qyuns have assembled a team of highly-skilled talents with extensive experience across drug development, CMC, quality and compliance. Qyuns have eight programs under research and development, three programs are currently in phase I clinical study.


    Triwise has participated in series B and B+ of the financing process of Qyuns since May 2019 and will continue to promote the capital operation of Qyuns and provide capital services.

    StarCare Tech

    Shenzhen StarCare Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2016. Based on big data and signal processing technology of ECG signal.


    StarCare develop algorithms, medical products, cloud services, and overall solution.


    Triwise participated in series Angel of the financing process of StarCare in October 2018 and will continue to promote the capital operation of StarCare and provide capital services.


    Transwarp is a world leading big data and AI platform provider, focusing on enterprise level cloud computing on container, big data and AI core platform research.


    After years of R&D, Transwarp establishes major product lines with many patents: Transwarp Data Cloud(TDC), a container-based intelligent big data cloud platform; Transwarp Data Hub(TDH), a one-stop big data platform; AI platform Transwarp Sophon; and Hyper- Converged big data server TxData Appliance.


    Triwise has participated in series B+ and C of the financing process of Transwarp since November 2016.


    Sunmnet is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on education, big data, AI, TMT, cloud computing and some other high-tech applications. It also develops software and hardware products in combination with various application scenarios in the education industry.


    Triwise participated in series A+ of the financing process of Sunmnet in February 2019.


    Lansus, a leading fabless semiconductor company in China, focuses on the development of advanced chip solutions on radio frequency power amplifiers (RF PA), switch, and radio-frequency front-end modules.


    Over 8-year history in the RF field dates back to our origins within Nationz Technologies Power Amplifiers Department. Lansus became an independent semiconductor company in 2015. Billons of RF component products have been sold till 2017.


    Triwise participated in series A of the financing process of Lansus in December 2016.