• China Telecom – Tianyi Internet of Things Union

    On June 15th 2016 China Telecom established a cooperation with twelve other institutions to initiate the Tianyi Internet of Things Union. The thirteen members will work to build a large-scale IoT investment and development initiative with collaborative innovation and a demand-oriented strategy. Leaders from each sector bring unrivaled knowledge, capital resources and product synergies to enhance the competitiveness of the emerging and innovative IoT industrial chain.

    Shenzhen International Institute of Biomedical Research

    The Shenzhen International Institute of Biomedical Research is a government sponsored research institute in Dapeng New District. It is led by Prof. Benard Roizman, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Sciences, and the foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The core members are composed of six top scientists and professors from the US medical microbiology community. They are from Harvard University, University of Chicago and Princeton University. The research platform has introduced more than 20 top biomedical projects from the United States, and is leading Shenzhen Biotechnolgoy.

    Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association

    The Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association was founded in 1980,It is a medical industry association with independent legal and business operations. Over thirty years of developmen it has developed into one of the most influential associations in the National Association of biomedical societies. It was awarded the provincial Civil Affairs Department as an advanced non-governmental organization and "5A" trade association. At present, there are 41 Specialized Committee (sub branches) and 582 member divisions. Management organizations include the Guangdong Modern Hospital Management Research Institute and Guangdong Modern Hospital magazine.

    Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization

    The Hongkong Biotechnology Organization was co-founded by global leaders in the field of life sciences with the common goal of establishing a platform for the biotechnology industry in Hong Kong. Activities include technical advice to government departments, health institutions and the public. HKBio is a global organization with the aim of making Hong Kong a leading center of international collaboration in all aspects of biomedical research and development.

    Qianhai VC Incubator

    Qianhai venture capital incubator was founded in September 1, 2015 as the first venture capital incubator in China. Its first "venture capital incubator" model was considered by the executive meeting of the State Council and adopted by the Premier. As a typical case in Shenzhen, the company has welcomed many visits and surveys by state and local government officials and leading institutions, including 15 visits by provincial and ministerial leaders, and more than 50 visits and surveys by local government leaders, and leading investment institutions.